Scrabble will not be running in Term 4. We plan to resume Term 1, 2021. 

$5.00 per session

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Scrabble is a game for everyone and is played all over the world! You can play scrabble in a social group or if you wish, as a competitive sport. It commands good general knowledge and an understanding of how to construct words.

You can play the day away with scrabble! It’s a stimulating hobby and wonderful way to meet new people. It requires clear thinking, lots of practice and a dictionary to check your words. Playing with the group at BCC is a great addition to your week! You’ll meet new people, challenge your brain and improve your scrabble game.

The scrabble group at BCC meet on Monday at 12 noon and is made up players with all different levels of experience. Some travel the country to play while others are beginners. No matter your level of skill, you’re sure to get a helping hand from other players in the group.

If you’d like more information or to join the group please give the office a call.

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