COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Updates

Term 3 Class Updates

The BCC staff and tutors hope that you are feeling at ease in this uncertain week. Moving forward into term 3, we feel that it is important to keep our members connected and will be transitioning most of our classes to online learning during the reinstatement of Stage 3 “Stay at Home” restrictions. This means that term 3 will go ahead at BCC, but learning will be delivered differently for the first 5 weeks. For our classes that will not be delivered online, we will run a short 4-week term when the restrictions ease. Following recommendations from the State Government, we intend for all classes to be back at the Centre starting the week of Monday, August 24. Course fees will be adjusted accordingly and you will be informed via email.

BCC Online was a great success for term 2. It allowed our members to stay in touch and we received great feedback about the various exercise, language, and art classes. We feel that we will be able to successfully transition most of our program to online learning during what we feel will be a ‘bridging period’ in term 3.

Classes will be delivered online in two different ways: 

Exercise and language classes will be delivered via Zoom and run to schedule with the existing program.
Art classes will be delivered as a weekly video tutorial and inclusion in an optional private Facebook group for tutor feedback.

What this means:

Exercise and Language Classes
Members will attend an online class that is delivered via Zoom. At the scheduled time, you will be required to log on and join an online classroom. If you are enrolled, you will receive a weekly email reminder with the necessary information and links to join your class. If you are new to using Zoom, we will be able to support you in setting up and using it. The scheduled day and time of exercise and language classes will remain unchanged.

Art Classes
Our tutors will record a video tutorial for their students each week. Students will receive an email with an access link to view the tutorial and will be able to complete their work at home. For some classes, a private Facebook group will be set up. Admission into this group is optional but will allow students to upload photos or videos of their work and to receive feedback from their tutors and classmates. As a student, you will be able to continue learning and working on your art at home, while staying in touch with classmates and seeing what they are working on.

Deb, Andrea, Jo, Alex and all of the BCC tutors are adamant about keeping the BCC community together during what feels like an uncertain period. We will do what we can to make the transition to online learning as easy as possible for all our members and look forward to returning to the Centre later in term 3. For our members who are part of classes that will not transition to online learning, please feel assured that we will do our best to stay in touch and keep you updated in the coming weeks.

If you have already enrolled but do do not wish to transition to online learning, please get in touch with reception by next Tuesday, July 21 at the latest. Everybody who has enrolled will receive an email within the next week with important information that is specific to the class you are enrolled in.

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