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The Balwyn Community Centre Child Care is registered to care for up to 25 children each day aged between six weeks old to five years. We provide occasional care within a safe and nurturing environment. This page outlines the benefits of occasional care and what to expect when you choose Balwyn Community Centre Child Care.

The Benefits of Occasional Child Care

Occasional Child Care provides a unique child care service. It is centred on creating an individualised, nurturing experience for your child within a smaller Centre and with qualified, passionate staff. At Balwyn Community Centre, we offer short, flexible sessions that can be purchased on a casual or term-by-term basis.

For parents, the flexible hours of Occasional Care allow them to meet work-related and non-work-related commitments. It also gives them a much needed break from the hustle and bustle of being a parent! During those few precious hours of Occasional Care you might choose to clean the house, run errands, attend a doctor’s appointment, or even have your hair done. Regardless of what you choose do, the short break that comes with Occasional Care can do wonders for your health and wellbeing.

The Balwyn Community Centre Difference

Our staff are what set Balwyn Community Centre apart! All of our staff are qualified and hold a Diploma in Children’s Services. Gayle, Shini, Lizzie and Linda have many years’ experience working with babies, toddlers and young children and work well together to create a safe and nurturing environment. They take pride in their position as a carer for your child and take the time to get to know each child one-on-one.

The nature of service can be quite different in larger child care centres and children may benefit from a smaller group and more personalised child care environment. We’re very proud at Balwyn Community Centre to have a small, tight-knit team who have each worked with us for a number of years. Parents report that they feel connected to Gayle, Shini, Lizzie and Linda and trust that their children are in good hands when they leave.

Your Child’s Experience

From drop-off to pick-up, your child will feel safe in our caring, nurturing environment. The child care program at BCC fosters creativity, friendship and play. During each session your child will:

  • Learn how to share and work together as they socialise with other children
  • Discover the joy of books with group story time and one-on-one reading
  • Play games that focus on learning, team work and fun!
  • Make new friends with children from all different backgrounds
  • Listen to music and be encouraged to sing and dance
  • Get outside and get active in our adventure playground and sandpit
  • Eat a nutritious morning tea of fresh fruit

If you have further questions you’re more than welcome to call the child care office.

Our Facilities

Our child care facility meets the highest standards for hygiene and cleanliness and our staff work hard to maintain a clean, safe and childproof environment. We have a large multi-purpose room, private bathroom and toilets, sleep room, outdoor playground and sandpit. Children are kept safe and secure with childproof gates, a large foyer entrance and security doors.

If you would like to view our child care facility you are welcome to book a tour.

Our Child Care is Different

Our Child Care

is Different

“To Four Amazing Ladies! I cannot thank you all enough for taking great care of Kyla. She has loved coming here each week. You have given Kyla everything that she is missing not having family around us – love, comfort, friendship and laughter.” – Kim, Kayla’s Mum

“We have used Balwyn Occasional Care for the last 5 and a half years and now class them as family. All the ladies who work there give 110% to the children in their care and I am completely confident of their care when I leave them. I can’t recommend the centre highly enough and it is with a heavy heart we leave this year.” – Fiona Zeine

2020 COSTS

9am – 12pm 3 hour block
$39.00 ongoing booking, casual $46.50 per session

9am – 3pm 6 hour block
$78.00 ongoing booking, casual $93.00 per session

9am – 4pm 7 hour block
$91.00 ongoing booking, casual $108.50 per session


If you haven’t yet visited our childcare facility, we invite you to take a tour of our lovely centre and meet with our educators to discuss your child’s individual needs.

If you’d like to go ahead and book a place, please call us on 9836 7942 to find out about current availability, then download our Balwyn Community Centre Child Care Welcome Pack.

Next step is to complete an enrolment form and either email, post or drop it into our office. You may download the enrolment form here. We must receive this form before your child begins.


Payment for your childcare place must be done in advance and can be made in a number of ways:

  • By direct deposit over the phone
  • Over the phone via credit card
  • In person at 412 Whitehorse Road, Surrey Hills

Please note that bookings are essential for all childcare sessions. Childcare is available for children aged from 6 weeks up to school-age for up to 15 hours per week. Childcare is offered 40 weeks per year, following school terms. Bookings are made on a term basis, although we offer casual spots if a place is available. See our child care handbook for policies and other relevant information. A limited school holiday program is available during some of the term breaks. Please note childcare is not provided on public holidays.

Child Care Subsidy 

Balwyn Community Centre is CSS approved. The childcare subsidy is a means tested benefit based on your family’s combined income and fortnightly activities such as work, study or volunteering. You can access more information about the Child Care Subsidy and how to apply for it here. Rebates will be processed and returned to you by the Centre.

Meet Our Staff

Child care Balwyn

child care balwyn
Child care Balwyn

Our Philosophy

We believe that all children need a place to learn and explore, where they can build a sense of who they are and where they belong.

We recognise the importance of play as the basis of learning and aim to provide an environment that is warm, nurturing, inclusive and encouraging for all.

Our program is based on individual and group interests. Through observing and listening we can offer opportunities for children to grow and enhance their strengths, in both our indoor play space and our outdoor environment.

We are a team of experienced educators who respond to all children in a respectful manner, embracing diversity and encouraging each child’s efforts as they learn and master new skills. We also understand that learning and development are individualised experiences, so we encourage communication with all families to make sure their child is engaged and supported.

Each child brings their own cultural heritage, family history and life experience to our Centre and by sharing information and building partnerships with families, we can promote a sense of belonging for ever child in our care.

We believe that children never stop learning and that each day brings new experiences and opportunities for exploring the world around them Our aim is to provide a happy, safe, stimulating and fun environment for them to do so.

Balwyn Community Centre Closed for Lockdown 6.0

Balwyn Community Centre is closed for the current Victorian lockdown

We will be running an on-line option via Zoom for some classes

Please email [email protected] for details of these classes

Childcare will operate for Authorised Workers with a permit and can be contacted directly on 9836 7833