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Develop your creative drawing talents with Gordon Sonnenberg. This is a small, friendly class using a variety of mediums and techniques. Suitable for all levels.

Tue 10:00am – 12:00pm
Term 3, 2024 from 16th Jul      $236.00 (9 weeks)
Term 4, 2024 from 8th Oct     $210.00 (8 weeks) * No class 5th Nov (Cup Day)

Wed 10:00am – 12:00pm
Term 3, 2024 from 17th Jul      $236.00 (9 weeks)
Term 4, 2024 from 9th Oct     $236.00 (9 weeks)



“Gordon’s drawing classes are always challenging, interesting and fun. He allows for individual creativity while gently getting the best out of each student. The classes are relaxed and full of laughs, yet at the same time, the concentration and commitment from all is contagious. Our output shows the variety of subject matter and media that we explore. Thanks to Gordon, Wednesday mornings are a highlight of my week!”

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Why should I learn to draw?

As children we draw a lot. You might recall that fantastic feeling of picking up a pencil and letting your imagination run wild! But as we grow older we tend to stop. We prioritise work or study and before long we think, ’I’m not good at drawing’. Yet drawing is a wonderful and rewarding skill to have! To sit and draw is to express yourself and create something beautiful. It’s a lovely way to spend your spare time – drawing at your own pace in a peaceful environment.

What will I learn?

So you’ve decided you’d like to learn how to draw. But have no idea where to start! Isn’t it funny how to some people, drawing comes so easily. But for others it feels as foreign as speaking another language. But what many of us forget is that just like learning a new language, learning to draw requires a good teacher and takes time and practice. It requires confidence in your ability as well as guidance and support from a skilled teacher.

Our experienced tutor, Gordon is there to guide you on your drawing journey. Whether you’re a complete beginner, have some experience or an advanced artist looking to explore a new medium, Gordon will help you to get the most out of the class. This is a structured course with a set syllabus. Over the duration of the term you will build up your skills week-by-week as each class will focus on a new skill, building upon that of the previous week. As outlined in the term syllabus, Gordon will set a subject or theme for each class. This helps to provide creative guidance and focused practice.

This course is suitable to attend year-round as with each term you will focus on a different subject. You’ll develop a sense of what you like and what suits your individual drawing style. In class you’ll have the opportunity to try a range of different mediums as you develop a broader understanding of the art form.

What to expect in class:

This is a proactive class with plenty of time to practice and opportunity to ask questions. 
Class will begin with a short demonstration relative to the theme for the week. Students are then individually assisted as they work.

Throughout class, Gordon takes care to pay individual attention to each student, providing extra assistance or tutorial where needed. You’ll feel at ease as you work in this relaxed and supportive environment. You may choose to work quietly or chat with like-minded others. To conclude, students display their artwork to one another. Thoughts are shared and constructive feedback given. You’re sure to leave with a feeling of accomplishment and looking forward to next weeks class.

Who’s this class for? 

Beginners are welcome, as well as experienced to advanced artists. This course is for anyone interested in learning to see as an artist does and would like to develop skills with different mediums or simply, if you would like to learn how to draw.

What do I need to bring?

You will receive the course syllabus in your first class. In it, the subjects for each week are listed and what materials are needed.

For a materials list click here.


Term 3 Tue 16 Jul24 10am – 12pm $236 (9 weeks), Term 3 Wed 17 Jul24 10am – 12pm $236 (9 weeks)