The Balwyn Community Garden

The Balwyn Community Garden is a peaceful sanctuary located behind the Function Centre, away from the bustle of Whitehorse Rd. There are 35 plots of various sizes, including some raised beds for easy access. Gardeners lease the plots for growing vegetables, herbs and flowers and there is co-operative, sharing vibe in this special place. Produce, seeds, cuttings and tips are exchanged and everyone helps at working bees to maintain the site.

The Community Garden is a welcoming place. Individuals of all ages, as well as couples and families enjoy being part of the Garden Community. To lease a plot, there is a small annual fee and you must live within a 3 kilometre zone of the Centre. It is important that your plot is maintained and that you cooperate with existing members.

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Lease a Garden Plot

If you are interested in leasing a plot, please call reception and complete an application form that can be downloaded here.

If you would like more information, please refer to the BCC Community Garden Booklet which can be downloaded here.

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Key Information

Allocation of Plots

  • Only one plot will be allocated per household and members of that household must
    tend the plot.
  • Plots are not transferable.
  • New gardeners must actively garden their plot within four weeks of it being allocated

General Conduct of the Garden

  • Gardeners and visitors should respect the Garden as a community space.
  • Each gardener has the right to quiet enjoyment of the Community Garden. Threats or abuse of any form will not be tolerated.
  • Plants and equipment must not be removed from the Community Garden or the shed.

Working Bees

The Community Garden Management Group will arrange working bees as necessary and all gardeners must attend to assist in maintenance of the Garden. If this is not possible, gardeners will be expected to contribute by carrying out community gardening tasks such as cleaning the shed, weeding the paths, putting out the green waste bins, at another time.

Vegie Swap

Balwyn Community Centre hosts a Vegie Swap on the third Sunday of each month from 9am. All produce is welcome including herbs, eggs, fruit, vegetables, honey, seedlings, flowers, compost and more. You are welcome to attend with your excess produce

Types of Plants 

  • Community Garden plots are for growing herbs, flowers and vegetables.
  • Trees, including fruit trees, and large permanent shrubs are not suitable for garden plots.
  • Care should be taken to ensure that plants do not overshadow neighbouring plots.