Strength Session with Sofia

Strength Session with Sofia

Strength Session with women’s coach Sofia Toumbas

Learn about the many facets of strength, including physical, emotional, and psychological strength with women’s coach Sofia Toumbas. It is important that women feel physically strong, and that they know how to exercise effectively and build lean muscle. Strength is also about resilience, and women need to have psychological and emotional strength to tackle the day-to-day. To take care of themselves and be strong for loved ones. In this Strength Session, women’s coach Sofia touches on all aspects of strength. You’ll learn new strategies and get a great workout. Please bring a drink bottle and wear comfy clothes.

When: Wednesday August 10, 7pm-8.15pm
Where: The Garden Room at Balwyn Community Centre
Followed by supper. Reserve your spot HERE.

About Sofia Toumbas

Sofia is a women’s strength coach with over 10 years experience working with women at various stages of life in and out of the gym. As a professional fitness competitor, lecturer, business woman and Mum, she uses her experience and empathy to connect with her clients and help them navigate effective habit creation, long term lifestyle planning and encourages them to be relentless in their pursuit for quality life and balance. Learn more about Sofia via her Instagram: @sofiatoumbas on Instagram.

Women's Coach Sofia Toumbas
Women’s Coach Sofia Toumbas