Mother Daughter Connection

Mother Daughter Connection

Mother Daughter connection with the Big sister experience 

Would you like to strengthen the relationship you have with your daughter? Are you needing some support on how to be vulnerable and open up big conversations? Do you want strategies on how to connect with her, and create a solid foundation for your relationship so she can turn to you for years to come? Then The Big Sister Experience’s Mother & Daughter Event is the workshop for you!

In this interactive and hands-on workshop, we will guide you through connecting with your daughter and how to open up the lines of communication to strengthen your bond. We will show you how to be your authentic selves, and understand one another on a whole new level. Take away implementable tools to ensure you continue respecting, loving and understanding one another through her journey to adulthood. Learn how to form bonds and connections that will last a lifetime.

In our workshop you will:

  • Learn how authenticity and vulnerability is the key to connection
  • Encourage your daughter to see you as someone she can turn to
  • Become relatable to your daughter and the issues she is facing
  • Take away tools and strategies to continue to build a healthy, honest and open relationship with your daughter

Invest your time to learn skills and strategies that will serve you and your daughter well for the rest of your lives as you learn the foundations for forming strong, open and honest connections.

When: Tuesday August 9, 7pm-8.15
Where: The Function Centre, Balwyn Community Centre
Followed by supper. Reserve your spot HERE.

ABOUT The Big sister experience 

The Big Sister Experience is a social enterprise that saves the lives of young girls. Through community events and in-school workshops, The Big Sister Experience covers ethical and moral issues and promotes tools and strategies on how to live a happy and healthy life. From mental health to safe sex, life-skills, body image and social pressures, The Big Sister Experience isn’t afraid to get deep into real-life issues that are affecting our teen and pre-teen girls today. Facilitators use storytelling, current research and interactive activities to engage the girls and impart essential skills to ensure they can live to their fullest potential. Learn more about the Big Sister Experience via their website,

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