Fight Back Women’s Self Defence

Fight Back Women’s Self Defence

Fight back Women’s Self Defence Workshop    

Improve your personal safety and learn how to effectively defend yourself. It is important that women feel safe walking the streets, and confident in their ability to ‘fight off’ an attacker. This 2-hour self defence workshop will be a hands-on experience. It is lead by Fight Back Self Defence who specialise in teaching women self defence. The workshop is easy to follow and requires no prior experience. Please bring a drink bottle and wear comfortable clothes.

Where: The Function Room, Balwyn Community Centre
When: Wednesday August 17, 2022   6.30pm-8.30pm
Followed by supper. Spots are limited. Reserve your spot HERE.

About Fight BAck Women’s Self Defence 

At Fight Back Women’s Self Defence we teach easy-to-learn and highly-effective self defence for women and girls in an enjoyable, non-threatening environment, with no minimum fitness or prior training required. Fight Back is about empowerment, not fear. We want you to be confident in everything you do, everywhere you go and everyone you’re with.

Fight Back teach self defence! Real-world self defence, not stylised, choreographed, Hollywood fight sequences. We don’t want you to be impressing friends for a couple of days, we want you to be safe for life. There’s no minimum fitness requirement as absolutely anyone and everyone can defend themselves. Our classes aren’t high-energy, sweat-raising affairs, although you can crank your own dial up to 11 if you like. To learn more about Fight Back visit:

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Fight Back Women’s Self Defence