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Mother Daughter Connection

Mother Daughter Connection

Mother Daughter connection with the Big sister experience 

Would you like to strengthen the relationship you have with your daughter? Are you needing some support on how to be vulnerable and open up big conversations? Do you want strategies on how to connect with her, and create a solid foundation for your relationship so she can turn to you for years to come? Then The Big Sister Experience’s Mother & Daughter Event is the workshop for you!

In this interactive and hands-on workshop, we will guide you through connecting with your daughter and how to open up the lines of communication to strengthen your bond. We will show you how to be your authentic selves, and understand one another on a whole new level. Take away implementable tools to ensure you continue respecting, loving and understanding one another through her journey to adulthood. Learn how to form bonds and connections that will last a lifetime.

In our workshop you will:

  • Learn how authenticity and vulnerability is the key to connection
  • Encourage your daughter to see you as someone she can turn to
  • Become relatable to your daughter and the issues she is facing
  • Take away tools and strategies to continue to build a healthy, honest and open relationship with your daughter

Invest your time to learn skills and strategies that will serve you and your daughter well for the rest of your lives as you learn the foundations for forming strong, open and honest connections.

When: Tuesday August 9, 7pm-8.15
Where: The Function Centre, Balwyn Community Centre
Followed by supper. Reserve your spot HERE.

ABOUT The Big sister experience 

The Big Sister Experience is a social enterprise that saves the lives of young girls. Through community events and in-school workshops, The Big Sister Experience covers ethical and moral issues and promotes tools and strategies on how to live a happy and healthy life. From mental health to safe sex, life-skills, body image and social pressures, The Big Sister Experience isn’t afraid to get deep into real-life issues that are affecting our teen and pre-teen girls today. Facilitators use storytelling, current research and interactive activities to engage the girls and impart essential skills to ensure they can live to their fullest potential. Learn more about the Big Sister Experience via their website,

Big Sister Balwyn
The Big Sister Experience


Strength Session with Sofia

Strength Session with Sofia

Strength Session with women’s coach Sofia Toumbas

Learn about the many facets of strength, including physical, emotional, and psychological strength with women’s coach Sofia Toumbas. It is important that women feel physically strong, and that they know how to exercise effectively and build lean muscle. Strength is also about resilience, and women need to have psychological and emotional strength to tackle the day-to-day. To take care of themselves and be strong for loved ones. In this Strength Session, women’s coach Sofia touches on all aspects of strength. You’ll learn new strategies and get a great workout. Please bring a drink bottle and wear comfy clothes.

When: Wednesday August 10, 7pm-8.15pm
Where: The Garden Room at Balwyn Community Centre
Followed by supper. Reserve your spot HERE.

About Sofia Toumbas

Sofia is a women’s strength coach with over 10 years experience working with women at various stages of life in and out of the gym. As a professional fitness competitor, lecturer, business woman and Mum, she uses her experience and empathy to connect with her clients and help them navigate effective habit creation, long term lifestyle planning and encourages them to be relentless in their pursuit for quality life and balance. Learn more about Sofia via her Instagram: @sofiatoumbas on Instagram.

Women's Coach Sofia Toumbas
Women’s Coach Sofia Toumbas
Sourdough Breadmaking

Sourdough Breadmaking

Sourdough Breadmaking Workshop with Sandy Bennett 

Learn how to make sourdough at home. Taught by chef and culinary teacher, Sandy Bennett. Participants will learn step-by-step, have the opportunity to ask questions and receive take-home notes. Afternoon tea will be provided. Each person will make and take home a starter.

Where: The House Kitchen, Balwyn Community Centre
When: Friday August 12, 12.30pm-3pm
Followed by lunch. Spots are limited. Reserve your spot HERE.

Breadmaking Balwyn
Breadmaking Workshop


A talk with Dr Tania Penovic

A talk with Dr Tania Penovic

Reproductive rights are human rights with dr tania penovic  

A woman’s right to access reproductive health care and to choose the number and spacing of their children is recognised under international law but remains highly contested. But the recognition of reproductive rights has met with significant backlash at the international level. This presentation will examine the recognition of reproductive rights under international law and consider the progress made by Australia in securing the reproductive rights f women and girls.

Where: The Function Centre, Balwyn Community Centre
When: Monday August 15, 7pm-8.15pm
Followed by morning tea. Spots are limited. Reserve your spot HERE

About Dr Tania Penovic

Dr Tania Penovic is the Research Group Leader in Gender and Sexuality for the Castan Centre for Human Rights Law at Monash University and will take up a role as Associate Professor in the Faculty of Business and Law at Deakin University in October.  She is an award-winning researcher with expertise in gender equality, access to justice and women’s human rights and has published numerous book chapters and journal articles on access to justice, women’s human rights, constitutional law and the rights of asylum seekers and refugees. Dr Penovic’s research has been cited by the Supreme Court of Victoria and High Court of Australia and relied upon in submissions to international courts including the European Court of Human Rights. Tania has provided numerous submissions to state, federal and international inquiries into law reform and human rights which have been cited in federal and state parliaments and are associated with legislative change. Her consultancy work includes the training of Australian and foreign government officials in gender equality and human rights and the training of Victorian judges in the operation of the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006.

Dr Tania Penovic
Tania Penovic
Fight Back Women’s Self Defence

Fight Back Women’s Self Defence

Fight back Women’s Self Defence Workshop    

Improve your personal safety and learn how to effectively defend yourself. It is important that women feel safe walking the streets, and confident in their ability to ‘fight off’ an attacker. This 2-hour self defence workshop will be a hands-on experience. It is lead by Fight Back Self Defence who specialise in teaching women self defence. The workshop is easy to follow and requires no prior experience. Please bring a drink bottle and wear comfortable clothes.

Where: The Function Room, Balwyn Community Centre
When: Wednesday August 17, 2022   6.30pm-8.30pm
Followed by supper. Spots are limited. Reserve your spot HERE.

About Fight BAck Women’s Self Defence 

At Fight Back Women’s Self Defence we teach easy-to-learn and highly-effective self defence for women and girls in an enjoyable, non-threatening environment, with no minimum fitness or prior training required. Fight Back is about empowerment, not fear. We want you to be confident in everything you do, everywhere you go and everyone you’re with.

Fight Back teach self defence! Real-world self defence, not stylised, choreographed, Hollywood fight sequences. We don’t want you to be impressing friends for a couple of days, we want you to be safe for life. There’s no minimum fitness requirement as absolutely anyone and everyone can defend themselves. Our classes aren’t high-energy, sweat-raising affairs, although you can crank your own dial up to 11 if you like. To learn more about Fight Back visit:

Self Defence Surrey Hills
Fight Back Women’s Self Defence
Life Drawing With Mark Whitaker

Life Drawing With Mark Whitaker

Life Drawing with Mark Whitaker

Enjoy wine and cheese while you sketch a real life model in this fun class. Taught by artist and tutor, Mark Whitaker participants will follow along and sketch a picture to take home. A real life model will join you for the evening and you will learn proper drawing technique. All levels are welcome to attend. Spots are limited, please sign up HERE.

When: Thursday August 18, 7pm-9pm
Where: Art Room 1, Balwyn Community Centre
Followed by supper. Reserve your spot HERE.

About Mark Whitaker 

Originally from the UK, Mark studied art and design, graduating from Newcastle University with a BA (Hons) in Fashion Design. He has 35 years’ experience in the fashion industry, working in publishing and design, illustration and fashion drawing. He was menswear fashion editor for British GQ (in London) and Details (in New York). Mark is always drawing, for pleasure and more recently doing commissioned pet portraits. During Melbourne’s extended COVID lockdown, he returned to figure drawing.

Mark Whitaker
Mark Whitaker
The Benefits of Yoga for Pregnancy

The Benefits of Yoga for Pregnancy

The Benefits of Yoga for Pregnancy     

For a mother, relaxation could be the difference between an easy and more pleasant delivery or a long, anxious, painful one. Correct breathing makes a world of difference as it rejuvenates the body. Come – join us, learn and practice simple yoga techniques with Divya for a happier pregnancy, delivery and baby! Whether you are weeks or months away from giving birth, you will benefit from yoga poses designed to create calm, ease and energy.

Where: The Function Centre, Balwyn Community Centre
When: Wednesday August 24, 9.30am-10.30am
Followed by morning tea. Spots are limited. Reserve your spot HERE.

About Divya 

Divya has trained extensively in Classical Ashtanga Yoga from The Yoga Institute, Mumbai (the oldest organized centre of yoga in the world).  The sessions are imbued with warmth, nourishment and draw on traditional yogic principles to build strength, alignment and unity of body, mind and spirit.

Her areas of special interest also include yoga for cancer rehabilitation & recovery, pre-natal and post-natal yoga, senior citizens & chair yoga, yoga for children, yoga for cardiac disease and hypertension. She is currently pursuing her further studies on managing various conditions and diseases through yogic practices. Learn more about Divya via her website:

Divya Balwyn Community Centre
Divya Sharma


An Evening with Mayor, Jane Addis

An Evening with Mayor, Jane Addis

A question and answer with mayor Jane addis    

Jane Addis is a leader in Boroondara, the current Mayor and an inspiring community figure. In her presentation, she will talk about her career and answer questions from the audience. It is important that women are encouraged to lead their community. The Inspire Women program hopes to foster new leaders and encourage women to be engaged in politics at all levels. Please bring your daughters, sisters and mother to this talk with Jane Addis. It is an opportunity to hear from a trusted Councillor of the Maling Ward of Boroondara and to ask questions.

Where: The Function Centre, Balwyn Community Centre
When: Wednesday August 24, 7pm-9pm
Followed by supper. Spots are limited. Reserve your spot HERE.

About Jane Addis

Cr Jane Addis has lived and worked in Canterbury with her husband John and their Great Dane dogs for more than 40 years.

Cr Addis became a Councillor in 2012 so she could be more involved in the local community and to represent residents. Cr Addis was elected to represent Maling Ward in October 2016, and October 2020 and is currently chair of the Services Delegated Committee.

“My vision for Boroondara is a tolerant, inclusive and welcoming municipality, with councillors who listen to all views and genuinely consider these when making policies. A council that strives to provide the best possible facilities for all people, but also puts people and the environment before new facilities.”

Jane Addis BCC
Mayor Jane Addis