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For a creative and mesmerising Decoupage experience come and join Pauline’s class on Mondays 12.30pm-2.30pm.

This well-known and accomplished tutor is a member of Decoupage Guild Australia Inc. 

For over two decades she has acquired extensive knowledge, technical skills, and expertise in the field of Decoupage. She’s a forward thinker with an ability to turn the ordinary into extraordinary. Furthermore she’s renowned for taking Decoupage to new heights of sophistication and innovation!

Pauline specialises in all styles; Traditional, modern, innovative, and contemporary. Her love, passion, vision, and imagination, are evident in the exquisite work she and her students produce.

Should you find the traditional practises of varnishing and sanding not appealing; Pauline offers alternative methods in which you can still produce beautiful art works such as, Decoupage under glass or Decoupage on canvases. With this process lacquer is not required. 

Decoupaging Jewellery is also one of her fortes which can be worn, or gifted to loved ones, or friends.      

The art of Decoupage is very versatile and appropriate for all age groups, plus beginners, and for those who would like to update their skills, capabilities, and refinement.

Suitable for all levels.

Monday 12:30pm – 2:30pm
Term 2, 2024 from 15th Apr       $236.00 (9 weeks) – no class 10th June 

The pieces pictured were made by class tutor Pauline Fedora.

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Decoupage is a decorative and timeless art which originated in Venice in the 18th Century. It follows ancient techniques developed by skilled artisans of the era.

Decoupage is created by using cut-out paper images assembled on an object with a painted background such as, wood, ceramics, glass, eggs, jewellery, and anything else which has a hard surface. 

The design is secured under many coats of varnish, then sanded and polished to resemble an effect which can rival the finest wooden inlay, or the most delicate piece of porcelain.

 French enthusiasts gave Decoupage its present name which is a derivative of the word “decouper” meaning to cut. Marie Antoinette and Queen Victoria were known to have been followers and big fans of this art form.

 In this modern era of the 21st century, by embracing new ideas, new products, new materials, and new technologies, the possibilities for Decoupage artworks are endless.

Melbourne is amongst the leading cities in the world that practises fine art Decoupage and once a beautiful object d’art is brought to fruition it will ensure a rewarding and gratifying experience.

 For more information on the history and the art of Decoupage, go to Decoupage Guild Australia website where you can view many of Pauline’s Decoupage creations, together with many artworks from Guild members. 


During class you will learn all aspects of Decoupage such as, techniques on how to cut, design, paint, (with brushes and sea sponges) glue, varnish, sand, and how to obtain a beautiful finish. 


1. The art of fine cutting.
2. Design – how to use and choose cut-outs to form a beautiful design on your object of choice.
3. Various painting effects and techniques with acrylic paints.
4. Assorted faux finishes (wood finishes, marbling, crackle, gilding, etc).
5. How to varnish and how to sand.


If you are a creative spirit, or would like to try something new, different, exciting, versatile, and inspiring, then this class is for you. You will meet new and likeminded people where you can enjoy a friendly and inclusive environment. 

The Balwyn Community Centre is a place of fun and creativity where lasting friendships are formed. 


Your first class will be an orientation and information on the art of Decoupage. All you need to bring is a pair of small, and good quality cuticle scissors.

 Your tutor will then demonstrate the art of cutting and will provide you with papers to cut. She will also take you through the requirement list and together you will decide what is initially needed as there’s no necessity to buy everything at once.

Your tutor will ask you what object you would like to Decoupage, and will recommend venues or specialty shops where you can purchase suitable items. An object with a flat surface such as a small box, or a plaque, would be suitable.  

For a print-friendly list of the materials you will need, click here.

“I have much enjoyment in my Decoupage class (a) the teacher and her ideas and innovations (b) the friendships made with the girls (c) everyone helping each other (d) the happiness and laughter of us all”


Term 3 Monday 11 July 12.30pm – 2.30pm (9 sessions) $220