French Advanced 1 (Thur)


Term 1 Thu 6 Feb 7pm – 9pm (8 weeks)

Challenge your grammar and language skills in this entertaining class which builds upon your previous knowledge.  Assumes four years experience.

“I thoroughly enjoy the classes.  Marie is an entertaining, committed teacher. She gives more of her time than she should as she truly wants us to learn. I have been to innumerable language classes in my life and Marie is one of the best teachers I have experienced also the classes are fun.” Elisabeth Nuttall


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More than 220 million people speak French and it is the only language spoken across all five continents. Learning to speak French opens a world of possibilities! You can travel to France and immerse yourself in the native-land. Marvel at the many famous landmarks and enjoy fresh croissants. Closer to home you can make the most of French exports, from films and restaurants, to meeting new people and interest groups – knowing the language will help you to navigate French culture in Australia.

Whether it be for travel or personal development, learning a new language is a rewarding activity and can turn into a much-loved hobby. Language courses at Balwyn Community Centre are well-regarded and sought after. We offer French for a range of different standards and are sure to have a class to suit you.

What to expect?

This is a studious class for the advanced intermediate learner. It’s designed for students who have a good foundation of knowledge and who are looking to take their language skills to the next level.

Conducted mainly in the French language, your tutor Marie guides the class through a series of exercises and demonstrations. She works with students one-on-one to answer any questions and to help you overcome problems. With 4 years experience learning French, you’ll enjoy working alongside other more advanced classmates and finish each term having noticeably improved language skills.

Class content covers:

  • French conversation and pronunciation
  • Writing and grammar skills
  • French culture and history

Your tutor, Marie is French native. She has many years experience teaching people of all levels of experience. She leads a vivacious yet focused class and has many students learn from her year upon year.

Who’s this class for? 

This class is for the more advanced French student. It assumes 4 years experience. If you’re unsure of whether this class is right for you, you’re more than welcome to try a class and discuss your options with the tutor.

Location: Room 3 at Balwyn Community Centre


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