Pilates Surrey Hills

Pilates for Fifties Plus


This class is specifically designed for adults aged 50+. Incorporating a Pilates practice into your busy weekly schedule can greatly support your body’s framework, improve muscle mass, bone density, and improve your posture.

Wednesday 7.00pm-8.00pm
Term 1, 2024 from 31st Jan       $157.00 (9 weeks)
Term 2, 2024 from 17th Apr      $191.00 (11 weeks)

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Pilates is a low impact form of body weight exercises that is safe, strengthens your deeper core muscles and supports all the muscles groups throughout your entire body. It will help reduce aches and pains, alleviate stress, improve breathing and concentration, and give you a great nights sleep.

Pilates focuses on the deep core muscles in order to stabilise the spine and pelvis, in turn this greatly enables mobility and flexibility throughout the kinetic chain.

In summary – the top 10 key health benefits of Pilates are:
1. Increased core strength
2. Pilates decreases stress and lifts your spirits
3. Decreased back pain
4. Reduced injuries
5. Enhanced body awareness
6. Improved posture
7. Improved balance
8. Pilates strengthens your bones and muscle mass
9. Enhanced stability, mobility and flexibility
10. Pilates improves sleep and raises your immune system