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Downsize Your Home


Bigger isn’t always better. Sometimes less is more! Over time our homes, have a tendency to accumulate and collect all kinds of treasures, gems and keepsakes. People downsize their home for many reasons. The workshop will provide you with strategies and tips to systematically work through your home and take what may be an overwhelming task and help you feel in control.

Term 2, 2023
Wed 7 June
7.00pm to 9.00pm

Cost: $65 (1 session)


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Life Drawing With Mark Whitaker starting Term 4

Learn the basic skills to draw the human body with confidence. This course will teach you how to draw the male or female figure. Starting with simple circles and lines you will learn scale and proportion. The course will then progress, as you develop your drawing skills, to simple postures and the use of texture, light, and shade. Run over 6 weeks in Term 4. There will be a real life model for 4/6 classes. Limited to 10 people.

Term 4
Tuesday 10am-12pm and Wednesday 7.30pm-9pm
Cost $198 (6 weeks)

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